Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa Trackday-SC3 DOT






The new Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa TD Track Day tire SC3, A DOT compliant tire, at home on the track and the street. Modeled after the Supercorsa SC.

The new Diablo Supercorsa TD/SC3.  Thanks to their range of compounds, these Pirelli motorcycle tires offer excellent performance on track .

The new Supercorsa SC3 , destined for track and street use, is the evolution of Pirelli’s most victorious racing supersport products. The new Diablo SC3 is one of the highest performing street legal tires ever made by Pirelli, designed to hold precise racing lines on straight stretches as well as curves. It provides a profile which favors handling, less wear during track use, unparalleled grip and unprecedented performance.

  • This tire does NOT require (tire warmers)
  • D.O.T. street legal tread pattern
  • Available in 200-60 profile
  • Pirelli performance in a D.O.T. street legal tire.
  • The ultimate evolution of our most successful Racing Super sport tire.
  • New generation profile designed to maximize the width and length of the contact area.
  • Optimized carcass to improve stability on braking and increase precision and speed negotiating bends.
  • Wider slick area on the shoulders to improve traction and stability.
  • Available in all common sizes
  • Upgrade your ride today.


The new Diablo SC3 has an exclusive and aggressive single element tread design, which is repeated six times on the tire surface. The result is that the “naked” area of the slick shoulders is 24% wider, increasing contact area and grip. The long longitudinal grooves which reach the tire’s shoulder from the central area of the profile ensure even wear even in the most severe use.

These are the real deal full D.O.T. tires from Pirelli. They are the latest and greatest in race track traction technology. The Pirelli Diablo SC3 tires are designed for track and street use. These tires carry the D.O.T.  label you could choose to run them on the street if you like.


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